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  • I appreciate the Pritzker team's objectivity and focus on getting to the right answer. There is no agenda or ego involved with them - they genuinely want what is best for all shareholders...which is to build great companies.

  • "Pritzker Group combine incredible vision and strategy - making them an invaluable partner as we move forward"

  • “I can always count on PGVC to support for me and the company. Whether it is providing critical input for our strategy in the rapidly changing market of telemedicine….or connecting us to potential partners or customers.”

  • "PGVC understands what it takes to build a company, through thick and thin, and is in it with you for the long term."

  • The PGVC team have been pro-active in helping us, before we even have the "first call". By understanding the underlying business, and challenges ahead of us, he is helping us think through building our company.

  • "The people have made all of the difference for me; Chris, JB and Tony. Through informal and formal discussions and events; they have made me a better CEO and my business a better business."

  • "Pritzker's expertise, and connections in both healthcare and IT position them as a uniquely great partner for us. On top of that strong business and industry foundation, the people at Pritzker have been fantastic to work with."

  • "The Pritzker group is made up of smart, humble people who are true experts, and who have been true partners to Casper." - Philip Krim

  • "Pritzker has been extremely helpful in supporting our mid-West marketing efforts."

  • "The PGVC team always makes time to talk through strategy and tactics. They offer great feedback and often offer perspective that helps me grow as a business leader."

  • Whether I'm looking for a fresh perspective on something I'm considering, working to solve for a pressing challenge or looking for a specific introduction - the team at Pritzker Group has always stepped up to help.

  • "18 years and two companies later, I cant say enough great things about the PGVC. Bringing capital is one thing, but bringing market intelligence, savvy and management support takes Chris (and team) to the top of the venture capital world."

  • "PGVC is a value-added partner in building a business. Their team is proactive in helping us find the best talent. And every time I've asked for help, they've been insightful and practical in their advice and counsel. I strong recommend PGVC to entrepreneurs looking to build enduring companies."

  • "Pritzker Group believed in our vision at very early stage and not only provided the funding we needed to grow, but also the credibility and viability needed to attract fortune 500 customers."

  • "The Pritzker Group's reputation has given us credibility and provided opportunities for us. We could not have sold our products into Fortune 500 companies without the Pritzker name behind us."

  • "When you partner with Pritzker you feel they are focused on 'giving' to their portfolio companies and not 'taking."

  • "One of the greatest things about working with the Pritzker Group is knowing that when there’s something we need, we’re one phone call away from their extensive in-house network of expertise, or vast collection of outside connections."

  • "I seek Pritzker as an investment partner in all of my past and present businesses because I trust them, admire their good character, and can always leverage their extensive network."

  • There are countless "first call" scenarios between launch and success - who you trust is who you call. Adam, Chris, and J.B. always made that decision easy for me. I trust the team, their motives, and their intellect.

  • "Pritzker people work harder than almost any other VC group I have been engaged with as a four time CEO of venture backed companies. They walk the walk and it shows."

  • "The road to success is not always smooth, or straight. The Pritzker Group are smart, experienced venture investors, that know this, and what it takes to build a successful business."

  • "PGVC is a force in the Chicago ecosystem - a stellar reputation with unmatched credibility. Fast-moving and entrepreneur-friendly with an invaluable network of portfolio CEOs and peer companies."

  • "We wanted investors that understand team and product. Most importantly, we wanted people close to us that are in this for the long play."

  • "The team at Pritzker has been incredibly proactive, supportive and helpful as we build the most complete digital network for in-home care." - Ashish V. Shah, President and CEO of PreparedHealth

  • "The Pritzker Group team is always available and they make a conscious effort to help with business development opportunities and my personal growth. They are true partners to my company and I."

  • "Pritzker Group has always been willing to open their rolodex and the doors that come with it." - Mike Sands

  • "Even before the investment closed, PGVC was hard at work creating connections and opportunities for SilverVue. They have opened customer doors, and created strategic relationships that I anticipate will truly move the needle for our business. I can’t wait to see what we can do after a year or two of working together."

  • "Pritzker has been an ideal partner, rolling up their sleeves to build & grow our business."

  • "The Pritzker Group’s unique financial structure allows it maximum flexibility. It is not constrained by stage, structure or the life-cycle of a fund."

  • PritzkerVC believed in SpotHero in the earliest of days, and gave us credibility as we grew and developed relationships with our executive team that will last a lifetime.

  • "We know that as long as SwipeSense performs, there will always be available capital from PG. This in turn allows us to focus on growth and culture."

  • "The Pritzker Group is very well respected across numerous industries, so their Rolodex is vast and they offer tremendous connections."

  • "The Pritzker Group has been helpful in providing expert advice to Vettery as we've scaled out our Sales & Engineering teams."

  • “I really appreciate Pritzker Group’s stability and commitment. They have been there for us in our past ventures and prior rounds, and when asked, they’ve stepped up.”


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